SolarCon renewable energy constructionSolarCon LLC is the expert when it comes to renewable energy and when you ask who we are as a company, our best answer is to tell you what we care about. We care about affordable energy solutions, reducing dependence on imported oil, creating jobs for American workers, and helping the earth remain a beautiful place to call home through its in exhaustible energy sources.  With our experience in development, engineering, installation, and management, you can be certain that when we work together with our clients, we construct solutions that not only benefit you, but our entire community.

SolarCon develops, engineers, owns, and operates distributed and utility scale renewable energy systems, providing a comprehensive solution to maximize the returns for our clients and investing partners. We’re there every step of the way from project development, to financing, construction, and any ongoing asset management.

At SolarCon, whether we are installing a job in Omaha, Nebraska or Missouri Valley, Iowa or Kansas City, Kansas, our installers are trained, courteous and knowledgeable. SolarCon expects nothing less.

Dale Leuck, founding partner, has more than 20 years experience in renewable energies, he is an expert in both geothermal and solar renewable projects designed to maximize the relationship of producing energy to save utility cost. His projects are designed to maximize payout, utilize tax incentives and reduce overall costs. The win is both for the property owner and for the environment. Dale works with both residential and business clients nationally and resides in Omaha, Nebraska.

Renewable energy is not a trend at SolarCon. It’s our commitment to you and our community. Call us today, we’d make a great team. 402-934-7336.

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