There is that power hungry need on a farm – how to move water to where the plants are. Solar powered irrigation system

This has been an age old problem. Most of the history of the Midwest can be encapsulated with an image of a wind mill.

Today, solar can replace the windmill. Our solar irrigation solutions produce no emissions, generate no noise. Solar power for irrigation is more reliable than wind power while being significantly cheaper and cleaner than diesel power. And – diesel fuel is on the rise at around >10% a year currently.

Our solar pumps complement the design of drip irrigation systems, delivering water precisely and efficiently to individual plants. Very high volumes of water for large scale irrigation can also be supported through a wide range of pump sizes and vertical lifts.

And – while there are exceptional solar systems available in a stationary applications, Solarcon has solar systems that are movable to another field.

Variable Pump Speeds

The second problem most farm operations wrestle with is the variation of pump speeds in existing equipment. Not a problem – Solarcon has that solution as well.