179060435What Does Solarcon LLC Know About Residential Renewable Energy?

The Solarcon team employs a variety of experts but the common goal is to create or recreate buildings that work better for people. Over the years you put a lot of work into your house. Now we can put it to work for you.

Our  highly skilled building engineers and design specialists are known for the shaping of ambitious buildings, and while we get excited at the new and groundbreaking building projects, we’re just as thrilled to take an existing building and reworking it to its fullest renewable energy potential. These projects are known as retrofits. Renewable energy projects may be intimidating at the thought of all that new construction, but retrofitting buildings that already exist is a completely viable option. The Solarcon team has handled many residential energy projects in Omaha,  Kearney, Grand Island, Sioux City, Des Moines, and many other places in Nebraska and Iowa.

A Solarcon residential green energy system development assesses all the ways that a structure uses, doesn’t use, saves, and stores energy. It radically improves the energy performance of the existing home. Energy reductions of this magnitude require an intensive and extensive systems approach: The inherent relationships among energy, indoor air quality, durability, and  comfort must be honored throughout design and construction.

Solarcon regularly installs solar systems in Omaha, eastern Iowa, Council Bluffs and Nebraska. We are happy to share customer recommendations and picture examples of ground mount and roof mount systems on homes. Some of our residential customers live on acreages and can have multiple panel installations to capture solar for home, workshops, outdoor pool energy use, and other energy hogs.

Solarcon also installs residential geothermal systems along with solar panel systems in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas and Missouri.

Solarcon Renewables, Contractors  Solar Energy, Omaha, NE
Solarcon Renewables, Contractors  Solar Energy, Omaha, NE