Making sure you know all of the financing options available to you is very important to us. Each project is as unique as the person we’re working with so a one on one conversation about financing is always a top priority, but to help get you started on learning about your options, we’ve assembled some basic terms and definitions. Read through some options and give us a call to discuss a financing plan specific to you!

Cash Purchase – Own the system and the Energy
This financing option is simple.  Purchasing your energy solution system outright is the best option if  you have available cash and look to reduce any financing expenses of owning your equipment. Ownership provides the greatest total energy cost savings on energy over the life of the system.

Solar Cash Purchase Benefits

1.    Quick, Streamlined Process
You can benefit from solar electricity as quickly as possible with the reduction of the time necessary for a solar project.

2.    Attain Greatest Potential Savings
Complete control of your solar system allows you to avoid third party expenses and interest rates while simultaneously achieving maximum savings from your solar investment.

3.    Efficient Application of Incentives
Federal, state and local tax credits vary by location. Your SolarCon representative can give you all the information of finding incentives that apply to you.  You may also qualify for an incentive from your local utility.

4.    Protection from Rising Electricity Prices
Secure a low electricity rate for the lifetime of the system and reduce the surprise of  unpredictable energy rates.

5.    Promote Clean Energy
Show your friends and neighbors that you are truly a friend to the environment. Get your home truly green!

Solar Financing Options – Finance the System, use the Energy
With this option you can benefit from solar energy in exchange for a monthly loan payment with little or no cash down payment.

Solar Financing Benefits
1.    Low Upfront Cost
The upfront cost is little to none, reducing your initial upfront investment.

2.    Save on Electricity Costs
You save on total electricity costs. Monthly payments are more than offset by the reduction in monthly electricity bills

3.    Protection against Rising Electricity Prices
Maintain a low electricity rate at a fixed price per kilowatt-hour protect yourself from unpredictable spikes in energy rates.

4.    Partnership Choices
You’re free to work with your existing financial partners. Or, let Solarcon help. We have options from GreenSky available for your solar project.

Financing Options from GreenSky
Finance Your Solar Project
GreenSky credit programs financing is provided by a network of federally insured, federal and state chartered banks.