When approaching a site, we look for these factors during our site assessment:

•    What are your current energy needs?
•    Where can we help you save money through energy efficiency?
•    Is your home/outbuilding up to code?
•    Is your electrical system built to code?
•    Do you have roof-space with southern exposure and minimal shading inpacts?
•    Is the roofing material and truss system designed to accommodate the additional weight of the array?
•    If not, do you have available land for a ground mounted array?
•    Do you wish to build additional outbuildings where solar could be utilized as the roof of the structure (BIPV)?


When drawing up a design for your site, we take these factors into consideration:

•    What tax credits and utility incentives are available to you for an installation?
•    Can you take advantage of these benefits?
•    What will the initial cost of the project be?
•    How long would it take for the project to pay off?


We want the team that builds and installs your system to be the same team that first surveyed the site and the same team that specifically designed your system. This ensures nothing gets overlooked and you can feel secure throughout the entire process. In addition to the initial build/installation we also offer:

• System Maintenance
• Off grid solar design & maintenance
• Hybrid system design (battery backup and multiple input systems)
• RFP technical writing & design for public and commercial projects
• USDA REAP Grant technical support
• Our guarantee that systems will perform optimally and efficiently